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New Fin~tastic Categories This Year!

Have A look~SEA



Since we first made a Tidalwave of a SPLASH on the island in 2018 to promote the inaugural 2019

Key West Mermaid Festival, we have been making fresh NEW tracks. Forever SWIMMING with forward

thinking to bring unique creativity to the island is what we do.

This year we are so pleased with our two new categories seen below.

We feel they are a MerFect fit, and we hope you do too!


There are plenty
of fish in the sea,
but there is
nothing like
Mommy & Me.

~Mermaid Kristi Ann

NEW! Ocean King or Queen of the Mer~Pups.

Did you know that the magical isle of Key West is very pet friendly?


It SHORE is!


Many of the hotels, and establishments on the island allow you to bring your fur baby.


Then why not enter your pet to hold the bragging rights for an entire

year until next July 2024 when we will announce another new winner.


Read the de~tails on how you can enter the little apple of your eye.


Also email us with any questions ~

NEW! Mommy and Me Pod

Want to join our new pod category the "Mommy & Me Pod"?


Last year our founder was inspired by the Mers you SEA here!


It was so sweet when Jessica (mer~mom abouve) asked me if her daughter could join the pod too? How could I say no to that?! said our founder.

We are so excited about the new addition to our mervoulous festival. We hope to swim with you, and your little fishy, or fishies.

If you want to join with your little Mer or Mers just email us for more de~tails!


of Vacation?
But not SHORE
what to do with
your pet?
Bring your
MerPup to
our festival!

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