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Our crew and mermaid pod are over the waves excited to bring you the 5rd Annual 4-day  event, packed with so many fun and mervelous events. From "Mermaid Meet & Greets" , Cock~tail parties to mermaid vendors with a splash of entertainment and heaps of ocean awareness, dancing by the sea, and much, much more!  With activities for the little mermaids and adult mermaids at heart, the Key West Mermaid Festival is an entire island family friendly event welcoming Florida Keys locals and visitors from across all of our oceans!

Our Why?


What is the Key West Mermaid Festival really about? Swimming on the surface, it is a festival of fun, bringing together a school of mermaid enthusiasts, oceanwide. But, dive a little deeper and you'll sea that the real treasure of this event is in creating an awareness for two topics that are extremely important to, and close to the hearts of, the mermaid community everywhere--ocean conservation and swimming safely with mermaid tails.


Once again our mermaid community is making its way on land to educate our human friends on both of these topics, for the safety of the humans and the longevity of the ocean we love.  We don't mind sharing our beautiful oceans with the humans, and are more than flattered that they emulate our beauty and mysterious ways in their very own man-made mermaid tails, but we do feel that they need our help in this area. After all, it is our ocean of expertise.


Please join us in 2024 for this four-day festival that will educate, entertain, and leave you feeling part of our world. 





Meet the Key West Mermaid Festival FOUNDER! & POD!

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