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We are so excited that you are interested in mermaiding with us!

Before you decide to apply, please read the Mer-Code of Performance that will be email to you... 
and familiarize yourself with the website to be "shore" you are aware of our expectations as a participant, but more importantly you will not just be in the Key West Mermaid Festival Pod you will be a Mer Ambassador for our festival.

Must be 21 or older by the time of the festival to apply.
Same for the adult in the "Mommy & Me Pod".

Please take note that there are many fish in the sea and we are looking for ALL levels of ability/experience and you are not limited to being a model, paid professional, or even having a tail. Mermaid Costumes, and Hobbyist welcome! 

We are looking for mermaids at heart that will represent our festival who are G Rated, in and out of your Mermaid Mersona as you will be a Mermaid Ambassador representing our family friendly brand. 

Please also note that you are volunteering your services in exchange for publicity (e.g., website placement, social media shout outs). Your role in The Key West Mermaid Festival is not a paid position. You will be placed at events/locations around the island as an ambassador/attraction of The Key West Mermaid Festival. (schedule of events to choose will follow) You are responsible for your own accommodations and transportation expenses. We highly recommend completing and submitting your applications on a desktop or laptop as opposed to a mobile or cellular device to ensure it is sent to us correctly.

 Email us here with your interest in the volunteer Key West Mermaid Festival Pod/Mommy & Me Pod at



& Me Pod


Key West


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