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Updated: Jun 23

On Saturday June 24th we will be on RMWorldTravel with Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa

at 10:50AM ET. It is a 5 min interview of ALL the things mermaid.

As a mermaid radio personality, myself I have a newfound respect for all jocks across the 7 seas. I started my radio journey less than two years ago on Party 107.5 FM The Keys Party Station at Mermaid Kristi Ann – Party 105.7 ( At the time I had been interviewed for radio about a hand full of times since 2018 for the festival on different local stations who also found the mermaid world just fascinating. I also in past years had recorded ads due to the fact I apparently have a voice for radio.

I remember walking on Duval Street one night in my land legs with my childhood friend Tanya when we went to go visit Laurie T who is another jock on Party. She was broadcasting live at Mangoes Key West for her show, when I thought to myself after watching and listening, I said to myself... I can do this!

So, I just brought it up right then and there to Micheal Stapleford the owner of Magnum Broadcasting, and my boss today who I had advertised with for my mermaid boutique at one point in the past and said to him... if you every need another radio host I would like to do it. At the time he seemed shocked but open and said OKAY. But being the persistent mermaid that I am, I called him the next week and told him that I was serious!!

So today with a self-taught crash course of the internet, and YouTube of radio, along with many years of performing on stage since I was a baby mermaid... I am Mermaid Kristi Ann on the Triple Aqua Show on Party 105.7 FM that can be streamed from all over the globe at

In just less than two short years I have had the privilege with radio to meet and interview some amazing humans from celebrities to movers and shakers, and all in between.

FIN FACT: I am also one of the only radio personalities in the world that goes on as a mermaid radio host.

Remember you don't need experience or training if you want something bad enough, and a poor plan executed is better than a perfect plan not executed! ~ Mermaid Kristi Ann

Click this link to Listen Live this Saturday! Then please give us your thoughts below.

Also, on Live RMWorldTravel | 657 Favorites | TuneIn

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