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Key West Mermaid Festival - Mallory Square

Wow we are so grateful for all of the mer~love we get from our island community.

As the founder I have a very special place in my heart for Mallory Square. It's where I had my first birthday party! Although I was only a year old, and don't remember... my parents, family, friends, and the community made a huge deal out of my solar return. It was held in a large dance hall at the time, that today is known as Key West Cuban Restaurant | Key West Cuban Food at El Meson de Pepe . With over 400 guests invited and who attended; it was the talk of the island. With the very known famous band El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico | Página Oficial playing for the night's entertainment, it was a night like no other is what I have always been told, and I believe it! From the pics everyone was dressed to the nines, and with big smiles on their faces. Hard to believe that such a little mermaid at the time was making such big waves. Today the fun dance energy that was created that night, and many nights in that dance hall still permeated into the coral grid on the island in that spot from the happiness that the old dance hall brought to the community is still alive, and well today. For sunset you can catch all of the salsa lovers dancing to the sounds of the local band playing. And if you venture to the inside of the restaurant, you just might see me dancing in my red, white, and blue comparsa outfit made by Key West Sushi when I was the lead dancer (in my land legs) of the Cuban American Heritage Festival in a pic collage on one of the round tables.

Always keep swimming (or dancing) towards your dreams ~ Mermaid Kristi Ann

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