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Festival Workshops

Captain Hook's

SSI Mermaid Certification

Capt. Hooks is offering three SSI certification courses during the festival.


-SSI Model Mermaid 7/1

- SSI Mermaid 7/2, 7/3

- SSI Ocean Mermaid 7/4, 7/5

SSI Model Mermaid starts on Thursday, July 1

The course provides everything needed to transform into a glamorous mermaid/merman and strike a pose! Land and underwater mermaid adventures are captured, producing a portfolio of amazing photos and video of you as a mer- folk!

July 2nd and 3rd, learn how to be a real life mermaid/merman by experiencing swimming in a whole new way! The SSI mermaid course teaches technique, safety, tricks, and traditions of mer-folk.

On July 4th and 5th, expand your mermaid experience by taking it under the sea! The SSI Ocean Mermaid Certification uses what you have learned to become one with the marine environment while mermaid-ing at the coral reef! 

Mermaid Wave

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